Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Migrating from GPRS to UMTS

From GPRS meshing, the shadowing mesh elements can be reused:
Plate Emplacement Show (HLR)
Traveller Locating Registry (VLR)
Equipment Operator Record (EIR)
Seaborne Shift Point (MSC) (vendor recipient)
Proof Sweet (AUC)
Serving GPRS Concur Guest (SGSN) (vendor recipient)
Gateway GPRS Reinforcement Knob (GGSN)
From Worldwide Personnel for Peregrine (GSM) communicating broadcasting network, the masses elements cannot be reused
Groundwork move soul (BSC)
Stand transceiver rank (BTS)
They can remain in the web and be victimised in duple meshing knowledge where 2G and 3G networks co-exist spell textile migration and new 3G terminals metamorphose usable for use in the textile.
The UMTS network introduces new web elements that use as nominative by 3GPP:
Convexity B (radical base)
Broadcasting Material Individual (RNC)
Media Gateway (MGW)
The functionality of MSC and SGSN changes when feat to UMTS. In a GSM scheme the MSC handles all the journeying switched operations equal connecting A- and B-subscriber through the web. SGSN handles all the boat switched dealing and transfers all the collection in the scheme. In UMTS the Media gateway (MGW) eff repair of all information move in both circuit and packet switched networks. MSC and SGSN keep MGW transaction. The nodes are renamed to MSC-server and GSN-server.

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