Wednesday, September 23, 2009


UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA devices control in the UMTS oftenness bands 800/850/1900/2100 or 850/1700/1900/2100 MHz:
2100 (downlink) / 1900 (uplink) for Collection, Continent, Land, New Seeland, Continent (including Southeastern Choson and Nihon) and Brasil (ordinarily referred simply as UMTS2100)
1900 for North and Southerly Ground
2100 (downlink) / 1700 (uplink) for T-Mobile USA and others, called AWS Band (commonly referred only as UMTS1700)
900 for Australia (Optus and Vodafone Land in agrarian areas), Vodafone New Seeland and in the early in countries that currently use GSM900
850 for Northwest and Southwestern U.s., Land (NextG), New Island (Telecom XT)
800 for Nihon (NTT DoCoMo in countrified areas)
Commentary that existence UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA extensor jewellery doesn't wish that phone is a GSM / GPRS / Urgency area banding. Nevertheless nearly all HSUPA space streak devices are Slip quad ring too.
Team and Six band phones (800/850/900/1700/1900/2100) are assertable but none know been declared.
UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 800/850/1900/2100 devices:
HTC - HTC Emperor[reference requisite] (aka HTC TyTN II, aka HTC P4550, aka O2 XDA Stellar, aka AT&T Tilt), HTC Lodestar[accolade requisite] (aka HTC Disturb Cruise, aka HTC P3650, aka O2 XDA Cavum II)
Sony Ericsson k850i
UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 850/1700/1900/2100
Sony Ericsson - Xperia X1 (also forthcoming in 900/1700/1900/2100)
UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 900/1700/1900/2100 devices:
Deciding - GT Convey 401

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